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TARGET of LOVE is a MUST READ for anyone that believes they have experienced narcissistic abuse. This book is a tool to help individuals understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), unwrap the psychological and physical damage this type of abuse causes, and to help victims build the courage needed to break FREE from this cycle of emotional toxicity. It is packed with personal accounts from fifteen survivors, along with enough Godly wisdom and scientific research to move the hurting towards the light of their healing so that they may return to their Divine selves in Love's Great Design.

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Love's Great Design


Love's Great Design is an inspiring weekly devotional that will challenge you to come out of your comfort zone and meet love face to face. The action steps are all creative and achievable ways to strengthen your connections and actually BECOME the love that the word of God speaks about. The scripture and questions for reflection solidify the growth made from stepping out in your faith. If you truly value the people in your life, desire more meaningful connections, and want to strengthen your relationships - this book is for YOU! Thank you to our global readers in 15 states and 3 countries!

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COMING in 2024!

Light in Dark Places

Light in Dark Places is an uplifting weekly devotional that examines the emotional, mental and physical impact of grief on our lives. We understand that grief is a journey that everyone travels at their own pace and in their own way. The messages, prompts and scriptures will serve as your LIGHT as you press your way through bereavement, hopelessness, grief, loss and trauma. If you have been stuck or struggling in the dark, you are not alone anymore! 

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