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TARGET of LOVE: Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

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TARGET of LOVE is a MUST READ for anyone that believes they have experienced narcissistic abuse. This book is a tool to help individuals understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), unwrap the psychological and physical damage this type of abuse causes, and to help victims build the courage needed to break FREE from this cycle of emotional toxicity. It is packed with personal accounts from fifteen survivors, along with enough Godly wisdom and scientific research to move the hurting towards the light of their healing so that they may return to their Divine selves in Love's Great Design.


"Target of Love is not only a must read but it is a necessary read. Angel Simmons presents a concise analysis of the dynamic between a narcissist and a victim in a way that is both informative and entertaining."

-Jessica Cage, USA Today Best Selling Author of The International Award Winning Siren series and the Djinn Rebellion series.


"Angel goes into great detail about NPD and how those that exhibit these behaviors affects and even infects their victims. Knowing what NPD looks, sounds and feels like could very well save your life, mentally, emotionally and physically. This book is a must read, and re-read to ensure you do not mistaken love for being A Target of Love. Thank you Angel for your courage and strength to share this information to help save others that love because they are love."

-Michelamone' Henderson, M.Ed., Author of Rejection Saved My Life


"In a time when we are discovering who we are and beginning to walk in and walk out our truth, we cannot move forward until we heal from our past wounds. Angel's work helps us to recognize toxic relationships and examines the dynamics of a disorder that many have experienced, yet have very little knowledge about or know how to break free from. This book is needed in this hour and has the answers that many are starting to formulate questions for."

-Chane Lucas, Author of Facing the Darkness (Rhonda's Story)

Love's Great Design: Uncovering the Power and Purpose of Human Relationship

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Love's Great Design is an inspiring weekly devotional that will challenge you to come out of your comfort zone and meet love face to face. The action steps are all creative and achievable ways to strengthen your connections and actually BECOME the love that the word of God speaks about. The scripture and questions for reflection solidify the growth made from stepping out in your faith. If you truly value the people in your life, desire more meaningful connections, and want to strengthen your relationships - this book is for YOU!
"Angel Simmons has done an amazing job capturing the very essence of love. As you read this book, you will go on a journey to understand love, be positioned to receive love, and to walk in love".
-Tiffany K. Jordan, Author of 21 Days of Fasting & Prayer, Just Pray and Life Without Limits.
"Wow! What a great devotional for guiding us in leading a life that is foundational, intentional and relational. In Love's Great Design, Angel captures our attention and calls our hearts to the essence of life together as intended by God".
-LeAnzar L. Stockley, Author of Identity ChRISt.IS, Relationality: Consciuosly Aligning to our Divine Relational Worth Relationship Ready.
"Angel's book gives both vision and strategy for everyone to experience the transforming power of Love's Great Design".
-Matt Tommey, Author of Crafting Your Brand, Creativity According to the Kingdom and Unlocking the Heart of the Artist.
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